Monday, August 29, 2011

Sungkeman, A Form of Respect for Older

Sungkeman is unique tradition in Yogyakarta and Center Java, Indonesia. Sungkeman is from word sungkem, activity to ask blessing by kneel down and kiss someone’s hand. It’s part of Java culture. It usually committed in marriage ritual and in Idul Fitri (Ied, Ied-ul Fitr). It’s a touching moment.
As a ritual in marriage program, the bride and bride-room commit sungkeman to their parent. They purpose to ask praying and blessing of the parent. Whereas sungkeman in Idul Fitri is done not only to parent, but to the other that older. The other that older, like older brother/sister, grandfather/grandmother, uncle/aunt, even neighbor that close.
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