Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cause of Inheritance

There are some reasons why inheritance happen. In Islamic Law, inheritance happen one of things below:
  1. Nasab (blood relation), like: Child, grandchild, father, mother, brother/sister from same mother/father
  2. Marriage connection: husband and wife, include if never has mixed or has divorced but still in period of iddah talak raj’i
  3. Walak connection is connection between ex-slave and someone free him/her. If the ex-slave has no heir so someone free him/her has right to inherit. But now, walak/wala connection cannot be used because slavery is erased.
  4. Jihatul Islam (Islam destination): baitul mal (treasury of state). If deceased leave no heir, so inheritance will fall to baitul mal. Baitul mal is treasury of state that accommodates public wealth to use to need of society. Baitul mal receive wealth from sources like tax, zakat, booty of war, lost wealth that the owner is unknown or inheritance with no heir. Ulama syafi’iyah entered baitul mal as one of reasons of inheritance.

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