Monday, November 29, 2010

Law of Talak

Legal categories in Islam are 5, i.e : fardlu (compulsory), sunnah, halal, makruh, and haram. So does talak.
Possibility of talak law:
1. Fardlu
Fardlu meant: if done will get reward, and not done will get sin. Husband obligates to fall talak within enforcement of hakam’s decision in syiqaq. So if husband fall talak, he will get reward from God, and if he doen’t fall talak he will get sin.
Hakam: peacemaker that has duty to make husband and wife peace. Hakam consist of 2 people, 1 from husband’s family and 1 from wife’s family.
Syiqaq is hard dispute between husband and wife.
2. Sunnah (something if done will get reward, but if not done will not sin). Talak law is sunnah if wife made a sin (has love affair with other man), or if husband can not able to do his duty as husband.
3. Halal (something that permitted, no matter if it done or not). Talak law is halal if wife can not makehusband pleasure.
4. Makruh (something if done will not sin, but if done will get reward). Talak law is makruh if woman is shaleh (good) woman.
5. Haram (something forbidden, so if done will sin and not done will get reward from Allah). Talak law is haram if wife in menstruation condition when talak is fallen.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Classification of Talak

There are some kinds of talak, and each talak has different consequence.
According to the number, talak is divided into:
1) Talak Raj’i : talak that fallen once or 2 times (talak 1 and talak 2).
Consequence of talak Raj’i: husband has probability to make peace with wife. Mean, husband and wife can back as family (rujuk). Example, talak 2 that fallen to wife without paid iwadl

2) Talak Ba’in Shughraa (small Ba’in talak), is talak that forbidden to rujuk, but may make new akad nikah although ex-wife in iddah period.
Talak Ba’in Shughraa consists of:
  • Talak 1 or talak 2 that fallen to wife whom has been never mixed (qobla al dukhul),
  • talak 1 or talak2 by khuluk. Khuluk is divorce that happen because of wife’s request and wife give ransom (iwadl) for husband. And amount of ransom is based on husband’s agreement,
  • Talak that fallen by Religious Court.
3) Talak Ba’in Kubraa (big ba’in): talak that happen in 3 times. After talak ba’in kubraa is fallen, husband and wife can’t rujuk and can’t marry again, except there is certain requirement.
Certain requiremet is:
  • ex-wife had married with other man and then divorced ba’da al dukhul (husband-wife relation is accured),
  • and she passed her iddah period.

Except those classifications, there are still talak sunny and talak bid’i.
Talak Sunny is talak that permitted. That is talak that fallen when wife in her holly period (not in menstruation condition), and she is not mixed by her husband in the pure period.
Talak bid’i is talak that forbidden. That is talak that occur when wife in menstruation condition, or wife in pure condition but she has been mixed by her husband in the period. So it possible that wife pregnant.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Talak (thalaq) is husband’s confession in front of session of Raligious Court that become one of reasons of breaking of marriage.

Islamic law stipulates that right to fall talak exist on husband. Why? It’s based on consideration:
  • a man usually thinks clearly before act,
  • consequences of talak is burdened on husband.

Consequences of talak

If marriage is broken because of talak, so ex-husband has obligations:

  • To give proper mut’ah to ex-wife, except the ex-wife is qobla al dukhul (has been never touched during marriage). Mut’ah is a gift from ex-husband to ex-wife whom is fallen talak. Form of mut’ah: goods or money or other that can make ex-wife pleasure.
  • To give living cost to ex-wife during iddah period, except the ex-wife has been fallen talak bain or nusyuz (disobey) and not pregnant. Iddah is period that ex-wife can not marry again after her divorce.
  • Paid all mahar debt, or paid ½ of mahar debt if qobla al dukhul
  • Give hadhanah fee to his children whom under 21 years old. Hadhanah is cost to care and educate children.

Validity of Talak

Talak that fallen is lawful as long as fulfil certain requirements. The requirements are:
  • Someone that fall talak must baligh, has sound of mind, and no coercion
  • Existance of sighat (clear statement). Sighat can be said by: clear words and can be understood (sharih), satirical words (kinayah)
  • Must be talked in front of 2 witnesses. The witnesses must male and fair.

Figure of Talak

Number of talak is 3 (3 times). Each talak must be fallen step by step. Why? In order that husband has chance to think clearly, divorce or not.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breaking of Marriage

Everybody almost always want s happy marriage, eternal love, and everlasting marriage. But noone can against destiny. Sometimes people make a mistake that influenced their life, including their houshold life.
A marriage can break because of:
  • deadth
  • divorce
  • court decision.
According to Islamic Law, breaking of marriage that result from divorce, can accur because of:
  1. husband’s action: talak, illa, dzihar
  2. wife’s action: tajwidl, khuluk.
According to Compilation of Islamic Law article 114, divorce can happen because of:
  • talak
  • divorce indictment
Court Decision that result in breaking of marriage, is connected with:
  • violation of taklik talak (conditional divorce)
  • fasakh (revocation of marriage)
  • syiqaq (quarrel between husband and wife that result in breaking of family)
  • li’an (curse oath)
  • riddah (convert).

Friday, November 5, 2010

When a Mother Give a Lesson to Her Son

Every parent obligates to give affection, good care and good education to their children. And sometimes, children make a naughtiness, and the parents almost always forgive them.

What about if the naughtiness tends to crime? The parents will give different reaction each other. Some people will forgive their children directly and because of shame they will try in order to no one knows about their children’s crime. But the others prefer to give punishment to the children before forgive them.

The last option maybe descripted on action of Ayu Azhari, an Indonesian actress. She has indicted her son (15 years old) of stealing her US$ 50. Accompanied by her husband, Mike Tramp, ex-White Lion vocalist, Ayu reported this case to police.

On an interview, Ayu said, “It’s not about money. That ‘s not the first time. I just want make him repent it.” She also said that she has much love for her children, but on other side she also must give strict decision.

Now, Ayu’s son is free after he regretted and promissed to not do it.