Friday, August 26, 2011

Mudik, Gathering Time with Family

Every country, every region, always has culture or tradition itself. Indonesia does too. Connected to holiday Indonesia has unique tradition that no place (I think) has it. The tradition called mudik.

Mudik is activity of migrant workers to back home to their birthplace. It usually is done in holiday, like Idul Fitri (Ied, Ied-ul fitr, Lebaran) or Christmas. The biggest mudik always happens in Idul Fitri every year. Exactly a week before until a week after Idul Fitri. It can be understood because Indonesia is a country with the biggest Muslim population in the world.

After work for months in a big city or other district or other island or abroad, after fasting a month, an Indonesian will commit mudik to gather with parent, big family and old friends. It’s a special moment, special day.

Mudik, Gathering Time with Family | Trifter

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