Friday, October 15, 2010

Li'an Oath

Li’an Oath is one of evidences in the religious court. It’s concerning divorce case, because of zina (adultery).
Before speak about the oath, it’s better to speak about breaking of marriage first.
A marriage can break because of dead and divorce. According to Islamic Law Compilation article 116, one of divorce reasons is: if husband/wife commit zina.

Zina is serious indictment. When a husband indict his wife of zina. He must be present 4 witnesses in court. The witnesses must male and muslim. If the husband can’t present them, he must take an oath that his wife commited zina. The oath is Li’an Oath.

Li’an Oath must do 5 times. The first 4 times is: 'I bear witness to Allah that I am true about my indictment that my wife commited zina.' Then at the 5rd oath, added: 'Allah’s curse of me if I was lie about my indictment.'

Whereas a wife indicted zina, if she is not guilty, she can deny by oath 5 times too. The first 4 times is: 'I bear witness to Allah that my husband’s indictment of me is lie.' Then the 5rd, added: 'Allah’s curse of me if my husband’s is true.'

From the content, Li’an Oath is extraordinary oath. It’s has horrible effect for the liar. Allah’s curse of the liar can happen everytime and everywhere. It maybe happen soon in the world, and maybe happen in the hereafter too. Noone knows.

It can understood because in Islam, zina is a big sin.

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