Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breaking Egg in Javanese Marriage and its Values

Javanese marriage is marriage that fulfilled by ceremonies. Ingredients that used in the ceremonies are to much and sometimes unique. Even chicken egg is used in a ceremony.

One of unique marriage ceremonies of Javanese tribe is connected to egg is ‘ngidak endog’ (breaking egg) that continued by ‘wijik’ (cleaning). In the ceremony, the bridegroom must break a chicken egg by his feet. Then the bride cleans the bridegroom’s feet that dirty by flower water.

Those ceremonies contain traditional values. Contain good hopes. Breaking the egg symbolizes that the couple’s aura has faded sexually. Bride cleans bridegroom’s feet symbolizes wife’s submission to husband. It also symbolizes that good behavior will effect good result too. It’s a hope that from the marriage will be borne good children that will dedicate their selves to parent, family and country.

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