Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Importance of Marriage Contract

At least that is content of my brain when I came in a NGO in Yogyakarta. The NGO made a discussion program about abuse of women.

At the program, presented a research result about abuse of new diffable women in Bantul regency, province of Special District of Yogyakarta. Yes, there are abuses of new diffable women. Diffable women! They are victim of Jogja earthquake years ago. They get abuse, even from closest one, husband. Sometimes, the abuse, physically, economically, psychologically, sexually, even mixing abuses. Really a domestic violence!

A woman with wheel chair said, that her husband left her for another woman. He left her without living cost for her and their children. And she has no job after she has paralyzed because of earthquake. Sometimes her husband come home, but he never give her some money even he take her money while hit her. Ohh….

I think a woman can prevent herself from situation like this, with make a marriage contract about no abuse or no domestic violence. An agreement about the consequence if abuse happen. At least, a woman will get good bargaining in difficult situation.

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