Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inheritance for Husband

Q: My mother-in law dead 2 years ago. She had some properties. She left husband, 2 sons and a daughter. Can her husband inherit her properties? How much part of each sides?

A: In Islamic Inheritance Law, a husband/wife can inherit property of wife/husband as long as no obstacle to inherit.
If a woman dead and leaft husband, a daughter and 2 sons, so they are all can heir to her property as long as no obstacle to inherit. Because his wife, deceased, has children, a husband get ¼ of property, and remain of inheritance (3/4) is right of all the children with stipulation part of man is same with part of 2 women.
So, part of husband= ¼ from inheritance= 5/20inheritance.
A daughter= 3/20 inheritance.
2 sons= 12/20 inheritance, so each son get 6/20.

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