Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Islamic Family Law in Indonesia

Based on law science, private law is divided into: Personal Law (Personenrecht, Hukum Perorangan/Badan Pribadi), Family Law, Property Law, and Inheritance Law.

Family law is part of private law that rules about connection of blood relation and marriage relation, and its consequence. Blood relation (blood family connection) is family string among some people who have same ancestor. Whereas family connection because of marriage (marriage relation) is family string as consequence of marriage, between someone and blood family of husband/wife.

The most of Indonesian Family Law is regulated in Law number 1/1974 about Marriage (Marriage Law). Actually, stipulations of the Marriage Law adopt Islamic Law. It can be understood remember the most of Indonesians is muslim. And further, more specific family law for muslim (Islamic Family Law/Islamic Marriage Law) is regulated in Compilation of Islamic Law.


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