Friday, April 2, 2010

Married by Accident

Someone sometimes makes a mistake. Makes a sin. Big sin. As done by Ayik and Soni (the both are not true name). They are love couple. They were blind because of love so could not think over. And the next event….it is easy to guess. Yes, Ayik was pregnant and they had not married.

Although pregnancy of Ayik had brought shame on the big family, but Ayik’s parent and Soni’s parent agreed to give their children in marriage. However their parents would not shamier anymore if the love child born out of wedlock.

The marriage done Ayik and Soni is called married by accident (MBA), marriage done because the women pregnant out of wedlock.

Ayik and Soni are fortune live in Indonesia. If they live in Islamic country that subject to Islamic Law, they would be punished stoning or lashing 100 times because of zina (adultery). (Look Quran Surah AnNisa section 6-9). Unfortunately there is no stoning or lashing punishment in Indonesia.

Indonesia law even regulate about MBA. MBA in law term of Indonesia is called Kawin Hamil. According to article 53 Compilation of Islamic Law, a woman who pregnant without husband can married with the man whom made her pregnant. The marriage can do without waiting the baby born first. After the baby born, re-marriage is not necessary.

Of course, existance of the regulation is not meant to correct sex without married. Not at all! Adultery, however, is wrong, big wrong! Big sin! Adat Law or our society has its way to punish adulterers. Sometimes the punishment is heavier, painier, shamier than State’s punishment.

Moreover existance of kawin hamil regulation, I think, to protect the women and children. You know somethings bad often happen to women, from deceit to rape.

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