Friday, November 5, 2010

When a Mother Give a Lesson to Her Son

Every parent obligates to give affection, good care and good education to their children. And sometimes, children make a naughtiness, and the parents almost always forgive them.

What about if the naughtiness tends to crime? The parents will give different reaction each other. Some people will forgive their children directly and because of shame they will try in order to no one knows about their children’s crime. But the others prefer to give punishment to the children before forgive them.

The last option maybe descripted on action of Ayu Azhari, an Indonesian actress. She has indicted her son (15 years old) of stealing her US$ 50. Accompanied by her husband, Mike Tramp, ex-White Lion vocalist, Ayu reported this case to police.

On an interview, Ayu said, “It’s not about money. That ‘s not the first time. I just want make him repent it.” She also said that she has much love for her children, but on other side she also must give strict decision.

Now, Ayu’s son is free after he regretted and promissed to not do it.

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