Monday, November 29, 2010

Law of Talak

Legal categories in Islam are 5, i.e : fardlu (compulsory), sunnah, halal, makruh, and haram. So does talak.
Possibility of talak law:
1. Fardlu
Fardlu meant: if done will get reward, and not done will get sin. Husband obligates to fall talak within enforcement of hakam’s decision in syiqaq. So if husband fall talak, he will get reward from God, and if he doen’t fall talak he will get sin.
Hakam: peacemaker that has duty to make husband and wife peace. Hakam consist of 2 people, 1 from husband’s family and 1 from wife’s family.
Syiqaq is hard dispute between husband and wife.
2. Sunnah (something if done will get reward, but if not done will not sin). Talak law is sunnah if wife made a sin (has love affair with other man), or if husband can not able to do his duty as husband.
3. Halal (something that permitted, no matter if it done or not). Talak law is halal if wife can not makehusband pleasure.
4. Makruh (something if done will not sin, but if done will get reward). Talak law is makruh if woman is shaleh (good) woman.
5. Haram (something forbidden, so if done will sin and not done will get reward from Allah). Talak law is haram if wife in menstruation condition when talak is fallen.


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