Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breaking of Marriage

Everybody almost always want s happy marriage, eternal love, and everlasting marriage. But noone can against destiny. Sometimes people make a mistake that influenced their life, including their houshold life.
A marriage can break because of:
  • deadth
  • divorce
  • court decision.
According to Islamic Law, breaking of marriage that result from divorce, can accur because of:
  1. husband’s action: talak, illa, dzihar
  2. wife’s action: tajwidl, khuluk.
According to Compilation of Islamic Law article 114, divorce can happen because of:
  • talak
  • divorce indictment
Court Decision that result in breaking of marriage, is connected with:
  • violation of taklik talak (conditional divorce)
  • fasakh (revocation of marriage)
  • syiqaq (quarrel between husband and wife that result in breaking of family)
  • li’an (curse oath)
  • riddah (convert).


  1. Nice post.

    I'd like to add that according to Marriage Law No. 1/1974 that regulates marriage in Indonesia, divorce should be decided by the Religious Court.

    Let's keep in touch.

  2. Thanks for the addendun Multibrand. There is divorce that decided by Religious Court, example, in li'an case....

    According to Compilation of Islamic Law article 115 jo. Marriage Law No.1/1974 article 39 (1), divorce only can be done in front of session of Religiouc Court. It means, divorce 'must' be done in Religious Court.


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