Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Story in Period of Prophet Daud and Prophet Sulaiman

The old story below is a story that jugde’s consideration (qarinah) can be a proof. It happened in era of Prophet Daud and Prophet Sulaiman.

There were 2 women quarrelled each other, to get a child. The first woman was rather young, and the other was rather old. Prophet Daud decided to win the old woman because of her confession as the true mother.

Prophet Sulaiman who joined in the court, put a sword and pretended ready to split the child. He said, “It’s fair”.
The rather old woman agreed with spliting. But the rather young woman said that she gave the child to the other voluntarily providing the child won’t to split. If Sulaiman split the child, the child would die.
Prophet Sulaiman decided to give the child to the rather young woman. Because she is the true mother of the child. A mother will never let her child die.

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