Monday, October 25, 2010

Polygamy and Mutilation

For man that committed polygamy or has intention to do it, must be careful and must have good consideration. The polygamists really must give justice for his wives, and never make his wife/wives broken-heart. Because once a polygamist make his wife/wives annoyed, it can result in a fatality.

At least that was happened to Karyadi. The case is bomming in this week.

Karyadi, 53 years old, is a polygamist. He has 4 wives. Slice of his body was found in Kalibaru, Kramatjadi, East Jakarta. Yes, he is victim of murder and mutilation.
From investigation, police found proof that Karyadi killed and mutilated by Muryani (53 years old), his 2nd wife. And she has been arrested.
Sunday, October 12, Karyadi was struck by gas tank, then killed and his body was cut in 14 parts. Then Muryani threw away slices of Karyadi's body to some different places.
Motive of killing is heartsick. Knowing her husband married again, Muryani was jealous and very angry. She felt be betrayed. On an interview, she was asked about her feeling after killed her husband. She said, no regret.
Until now, this case is still processed by police. And all slices of Karyadi's body have not found yet.

The case above is lesson for polygamist or man intended to commit poygamy. Wife's permission is very, very important. Fair to all wives is absolute attitude. But fair for someone does't always mean fair to the other. Unfair husband can break wife's heart. And a painful woman sometimes can be very dangerous.

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