Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan in Indonesia

Ramadhan is one of month of Islamic Calender. It's called Bulan Suci Ramadhan (holy month Ramadhan). As long as Ramadhan, the Islamic followers are obligated to fasting. No eat, no drink, no sex, no angry, and other passions that forbidden, from sunrise to sunset.

Ramadhan is meaningfull month for the Islamic followers, including in Indonesia. Not only in angle of worship (relation between human and God), but also in angle of interpersonal relation (relation between human and other humans).

Its looked in custom in Indonesian society that traditional-religious, even before enter Ramadhan month. In Sya'ban, month before Ramadhan, people always do certain ritual/ceremony. In Central Java (particularly in Jogjakarta and Solo), there is still program 'Nyadran' or 'Ruwahan'. In the program, people cook ketan, kolak and apem, traditional foods. Then the foods are distributed to others (usually neighbour and close family), as 'sedekahan' or shadaqah (gift). And then they will commit ziarah kubur, go to cemetery of their parent or theie families to pray to God for the deceaseds.

Because Ramadhan is holy month so to enter it a muslim must be clean, body and soul. In the day of end of Sya'ban month, to clean the body, people commit 'padusan'. Padusan is take a wash to be clean. Some people do it in swimming-pool, river, even in beach. They usually do padusan together with family or friens. It's form of togetherness. But for one that prefer practicality and efficency, she/he will do padusan only at home, in the bathroom. Of course, alone.

And to clean the soul, they will apologize each other before enter Ramadahan. Apologetical statement is done by face to face, also via phone, sms, email anf facebook.

In the Ramadhan, the atmosphere look like different from other months. There are spirit, togetherness and holy.

In family area, Ramadhan is time to unite all family members. Sometimes because of daily activity all family members seldom commit breakfast or dinner together. But in Ramadhan they will eat together., in sahur (eat before fasting) and buka (eat to end the fasting). They also will go to mosque together.

Not only from mosque, from almost every house will be heard Quran reading. Everyone compete to read Quran, even to khatam it as most as posible. Everyone compete to make kindness. They compete to shadaqah, including to give foods for the fasting people in the mosque. They do that because of Allah. That's why Ramadhan is called worship month.

While, the youngs every night (after midnight) will walk around the village by hit kenthongan (traditional alarm), to make people wake up to sahur. They will shou, "Sahur..Sahuur... Sahuuur!!"

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan....


  1. Happy Idul Fitri..maaf lahir batin.....IslaM? yes!!

  2. Happy Idul Fitri, mr Adit. minal aidin wal faidzin.... :)


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