Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adoption and Gerakan Orang Tua Asuh

".... Nor has Allah made your adopted sons as your own real sons. That's only your words. And Allah said the truth and Allah guides you to the right way. Call them by the names of their fathers; that's more just in the sight of Allah, and if you don't know their fathers, call them as your religious brothers and your ward...." (Quran 33: 4-5)

That's strict stipulation about adoption in Quran Surah Al Ahzab: 4-5. Islam prohibit adoption that adopted child bring the name of the foster father and release the name of blood father. Islam permit limitated adoption, that without giving legal status to adopted child as own child.

The type of adoption in Islam is look like Gerakan Orang Tua Asuh (Foster Parent Action) that booming in Indonesia in 80-es. It's a government program to give the rich opportunity to help the poor and unlucky children. The rich families can help the children by giving school fees without separate the children from their parents. Sometimes the child can live with the foster parent, but she/he can back to her/his parent everytime they want. And for living in the foster parent's house, the child get feed, love, affection, clothes, education, etc, like foster parent's own child. Then after the child finish his/her education, the foster parent will back the child to the true parent.

And until now, Gerakan Orang Tua Asuh is still exist but individually. Some people think that unlucky children are amanah from Allah. By help them, mean make a kindness. Give useful science that its reward is not break although the foster parent died.


  1. I really support Gerakan Orang Tua Asuh...

  2. May much more people being orang tua asuh....

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