Saturday, July 10, 2010

Human Trafficking with Guise of Adoption

In Bogor, an adopted parent from Kalimantan was forced to return the baby they adopted. The returning must be done because police suspects there is trafficking case behind the adoption process from Yayasan PH. While Rohani, the blood mother’s baby, said that she was compelled to release her twin babies for Yayasan PH because she had no money to bear.

In Gunung Kidul, Sarimin and Suparti also were compelled one of their twin babies to bought by somebody else, because they could not cost hospital for bear’s fee.

Cases like Rohani or Sarimin-Suparti often happen in this country. Poor life sometimes results in someone make wrong decision, include submit her child for the other. Unfortunately, unresponsible people will always be there to take advantage from the poor. They also take advantage from the rich that has no child. They take the child from the poor by giving much money or something as compensation, then submit the child for be adopted by the rich by taking compensation.

Of course it’s a crime. It’s a human trafficking with guise of adoption…. I think this case will not happen or at least can be reduced, if there is care (much more care) from government, society, and related parties.

What’s your opinion?


  1. we accepted adopted parents but no bargain for trafficking right,

  2. Right.. However, we must protect the children from human trafficking. They are amanah from God..


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