Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adoption in Adat Law (2)

In the last posting, I said that Indonesian has been familiar with adoption since centuries ago. There are some reasons why a couple or family taking one else’s child.
In Adat community, purposes of adoption are:
  • to continue family lineage
  • as a friend
  • to fish for the foster parent can have the blood child.


Some people believe that by adopt one else’s child they will get their own blood-child. How can? As a religious-traditional community, they believe in reward and sin. If someone make a kindness he/she will get reward from God. The form of reward can be the born of child. On the contrary, if someone make a mistake (criminal), she/he will get a sin. The sin can be difficulty to pregnant.
As a religious-traditional community, adoption in Indonesia results in probabilities:
  • Private relationship between foster child and his/her blood parent and blood family is broken. Here, foster child is given status as blood child
  • Foster child still has private relationship with his/her blood parent.

In Adat Law, adoption proceed doesn’t need written proof. It’s enough by certain actions, the child has been assumed as adopted child. These certain actions are:
  • care for the child and give education until adult
  • circumcite the child (if male)
  • to give the adopted child (after adult) in marriage.


  1. yup, because we care for children..

  2. Pengen komentar sebenarnya mas, tp jujur saya kesulitan berbahasa asing. Tp saya sangat apresiatif dg blognya mas. Inikan tentang keilmuan. Dan saya jg gandrung dg ilmu: terutama seni dan filsafat.

  3. @oempak: Right. And the children must be protected too.... :)

    @Erianto Anas: Thx mas Anas atas apresiasinya.. Memang terkadang ilmu sering bikin orang gandrung, dan juga penasaran. Semakin dipelajari semakin tidak dimengerti, karena kita sadar bahwa ternyata ilmu itu begitu luasnya..

    Seni dan filsafat? Great.... Dua bidang yang sangat tak mudah untuk saya. :)


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