Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fiction: My Friend Ayik (3)

My room

It’s 02.00 AM, but I am still not sleepy. My insomnia is come again. Ayik’s problem has made my brain is full. Mereover she remembered me about Partini.
Partini was a married woman. She was caught red-handed committing adultery with a man else when her husband went to work in Hongkong. (Some people of Indonesia work to abroad) People of village was so angry because found Partini and her boy-friend in bed room in Partini house. Partini and her boy-friend assumed had put to shame village. The people worried will get unlucky. They worried God will curve because the adultery. For this reason, village must be clean. Consequently, the adulterers must drove off from village. Before drove off, the people brought them in nakedness arrounded the village. As long as arrounded, Partini and her boy-friend got scorns from people saw them like a carnival. Even Partini blooded because thrown shoes.It’s a social law. Adat Law. So scare….
In this condition, willy-nilly Ayik must tell her parent about the truth. Maybe they have an solution. Everything to prevent Adat punishment to Ayik.
The problem is, Ayik afraid and she asked me to tell to her parent. How can I tell them about Ayik’s pregnant? It’s about a sensitive matter. I know Ayik’s parent. I know her father. He is a strict man and very conservative. He always keeps the tradition. For him, honor is all in all. Born of love child is a shame. Now, what will happen if he knows his daughter pregnant without married? I imagine bad things.
Ayik has put me in hard situation. Actally I was rather angry with her. She and Sunu made a sin, but now I must take the consequence. I must face Ayik’s father as if I am pregnant. Huh…. But again and again her crying has made me gave up although I has not sure.
Fortunately Alloh help me. Ayik’s father went out when we came to Ayik’s house last afternoon. Notwithstanding, we will try nextday.
(to be continue....)

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