Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fiction: My Friend Ayik (2)

I hope I mishear. I see her. She bend as if try to conceal her face. “Yes. Syaithon defeated me, Lintang. I did it. And I’m pregnant now….”
I can’t say anything. Reality that Ayik pregnant is shocked me. I know her. She has not married. It’s mean…, she committed adultery. Zina! It’s a big sin.
“Lin….” I hear Ayik called me but I don’t care. I’m still not understand. How can she do it? She teached me about good and sin. She teached me how to sholat, how to near Alloh. She teached me to read Quran and how to understand it.
“Lintang, please say something….”
I hear her voice, but I still can say nothing. I respect her. She introduced me to Islam. I have learnt a lot from her. Learn how to be a muslimah. The reality is really hurt me. She should be a good example for me.
“I can understand if you don’t want to talk to me anymore. I can understant if you disgust at seeing me. I’m dirty….” Ayik started to cry.
Her crying is touched me. Ayik is just a human. Every human can make a mistake,but the most important is how to correct it and never repeat it. I realize that she needs help.
I hold her hand. “It’s ok, Ayik. You always be my friend, what you are.”
“You’re not disgusted at seeing me?”
“Of course not.”
We embraced. Ayik is still crying while I can not against my teardrop.
Ten minutes later I asked her. “Who is he, Ayik?”
Ayik is silent.
“Please, Ayik! You might not pregnant without a man. You’re not Siti Maryam. Please, your problem must be solve as soon as posible! But it can’t solved if you hide him. Is he Sunu?”
Ayik nod her head.
“Sunu know about it?”
“He does’nt want my baby. He command me to have an abortion.” She erased her teardrop.
“What’s your plan? You will do it?”
“Of course not. I ever committed a big sin, and I don’t want to do a sin anymore. I’m not a murder, Lintang. I will not able to face Alloh’s curse.”
I can see Ayik’s repentance so clearly.
“But I’m scare….I don’t want like Partini.” Ayik cried mentioned Partini, a women Ayik’s neighbour that punished by Adat Law because of zina.
(to be continued)

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