Sunday, November 8, 2009

Married without Presence of Blood Father

Someday and someplace in Jogja, most guests could not hold their teardrop when Fika (not her true name), in front of Petugas Kantor Urusan Agama (Employee of Religious Affair Office) whom act as Petugas Pencatat Nikah (Registerer Official of Nikah), directly stated that she could not really persence her blood father and she did not really know where is he live.

“What can I do anymore? I never can phone him. The number he gave is not registered, may be expired,” Fika said 2 weeks ago before married. “I sended him some letters but always return. I don’t know where is he.”

Fika just can wipe away her teardrop. She almost never feel what is father’s afection. Her father went to work since Fika still 5 months. Fika just met him twice after she adult. And she has no one else as wali nasab.

Fika story above just an example how importance of father. Blood father. A daughter always need her father. Especially when she will marry. Because a woman can not give herself in marriage. She needs wali nikah. And the main wali nikah (marriage guardian) is the blood father, even if he never do his duties as a father or a leader a family.

In case that blood-father’s whereabout is unknown, wali hakim as such can not act as wali nikah. The bride must really, really search out her father first. And if she really can not find her father and no wali nasab else, she must make a statement about it, then wali hakim can do as wali nikah. It is important. Because the blood father that never done his duties as leader of family, is not lost his right as wali to prevent a marriage that will do by wali nikah else(Compilation of Islamic Law article 62 section 2).

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