Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bride and Bride-Groom

Bride and bride-groom are 2 of rukun nikah. There are certain requirements fulfilled for bride and bride-groom. The requirements are:
1. Bride:
  • Female
  • Islam
  • age of bride to marry at least is 16 years old
  • if she has not reaches 21 years old, she must get her parent’s permission.

    Why must there permission? Because marriage is not only the matter of the couple but also the matter of the family. Mereover, if the couple is still young. And according Adat Law, marriage is not only unite between bride and brgroom, but unite between 2 big families too.

    Is the parent’s permission is absolute requirement? Not really, because it can substituted by one else’s permission.
  • Marriage is based on agreement bride (no coercion).
    Agreement of bride can formed a clearly and real statement with written or oral or sign form. It also can quiet form as far as no clearly rejection.
    How about one who deaf or dumb is? For dumb or deaf person, agreement can state with a written form or a sign understood.
    Pegawai Pencatat Nikah (Registerer Official of Nikah), before marriage performed, will ask the couple’s agreement in front of 2 nikah witnesses. If marriage is not agreed by one-side so it can not performed.
  • no marriage obstacle.

2. Bride-groom:
  • Male
  • Muslim
  • at least is 19 years old
  • If bride-groom has not reached 21 years old yet, he must get his parent’s permission
  • No coercion
  • no marriage obstacle.

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