Monday, April 4, 2011

Please Help Japan....

Yesterday, I opened my email after I ignored it for 3 months. I found a message from a friend. She is a Japanese. Her name is Yoshimi.

In her email. Yoshimi told about effects of earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. She secure because she is live in Bangkok, Thailand. So do her parent that live in south-west of Japan. But she is worrying about her friends that still insecure.

As we know, because of earthquake and tsunami in Japan March ago, people of Japan get difficulties. The civilization 100 years old has destroyed. Thousands people died. Thousands lost. And the others facing effect of nuclear radiation now.

"I have never felt so insecure about Japan before in my life," she wrote.

People of Japan need help. So, we can help them via The Nippon Foundation. The donation will be very useful. Save 1 life, means save all lifes.

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