Sunday, December 6, 2009

If Mahar is Lost or Defect or Reduce....

"My husband gave me a ring with pearl as mahar when we married. After delivered, I and my family saw it. Unfortunately, the pearl had dropped. Maybe it dropped under way to my house. But I didn't care about it because I love him.... Actually I want to know if the same case happen, can the bride complain?" Rani asked.
Well, sometimes what we plan can not do perfectly. So do delivery of mahar. Perhaps everything looks perfect but before delivered mahar losts. Or also happen, mahar defect or reduced before delivered, because it is too fragile for instance.

In Indonesia, about those all are regulated in Compilation of Islamic Law (Kompilasi Hukum Islam,KHI) article 36-38.
If mahar (marriage gold) is lost before handed in, it can changed by :
· The same another good in form and kind
· Another good with same value
· Money that same with cost of the lost mahar.

And if there is difference of opinion about kind and value of certained mahar, so that it solved in Religious Court.

What about mahar defect or reduce is?If delivered mahar conceives defect or reduced but bride is willing accept it unconditionally, so giving mahar is assumed cash. On the contrary, if wife refuse to accept mahar because defect so husband must change it with undamaged mahar. And as long as the change has not given, mahar assumed still has not paid.

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