Thursday, October 29, 2009

Controversial of Polygamy Club

This week public of Indonesia is shocked by a polygamy club, Global Ikhwan, established in Bandung, West Java. The club original from Malaysia is controversial. It has 300 members from some countries, including 39 members from Indonesia. A famous ustadz and a restaurant businessman are mentioned as member of the club.

Many people especially women and activists disallow this club. Some people anxious about social perception as if polygamy is common and easy. As if there are persuasion to commit polygamy by the club. As if polygamy is campaigning. They worry because establishment of the club is performed openly.

The worry of women and activists is understood. They just want to protect women and children. Because many domestic violence cases are backgrounded by polygamy. The victims are not only women but children too. As happen to Budi (not true name, a true story) many years ago. Budi must worked when he was very young. He must worked because his father after having a new wife did not give living cost to Budi, his mother and his younger brothers. So that Budi worked to help his mother, to cost his school. Actually Budi ever asked his father responsibility, but he only got physical violence from his father.

Actually not all polygamy result in bad effect. There are also happy families with polygamy. Notwithstanding polygamy has become a sensitive matter for Indonesians. Mereover too many cases backgrounded by polygamy presented press. Divorce, domestic violence, even murder.

Concerning with restless caused the polygamy club, Moslem Canonist Council of Indonesia (Majelis Ulama Indomesia, MUI) has not decided about it. Meanwhile Minister of Woman Affairs, Linda Agum Gumelar said it better returned to Marriage Law.

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