Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Benefits of Fasting | Healthmad

Now is Ramadhan month. Fasting month for muslim. For a month, some people in the world, muslim, perform fasting as worship. Yes, fasting. Not drink. Not eat. Not sex. Not angry. Control the emotions. From sun rises until sun sets.

Some people maybe ask, why must fast? No eat, no drink, for a day, is illogical. Useless. Hmm…, I don’t think so…

Actually, since centuries ago, some people had done fasting. Except as worship, fasting is very useful for human. Even , Plato said that fasting is useful for treating sickness, both physical and mental.

The experts from some countries made researchs about usage of fasting. Alvenia M. Fulton, Director of Institute for Healthy Foods in USA, said: Fasting is the ladies best beautifier. It brings grace charm and poice. It normalizes female fuctions and reshapes the body contour.… Wow…, fasting is good for woman.

The other expert from USA, Allan Cott M.D., composed results of research of the experts from some countries. He arrange those research results in a book “Why Fast”. In the book, he mentioned the benefits of fasting.

The benefit/usage of fasting are:

  • to feel better physically and mentally
  • to look and feel younger
  • to clean out the body
  • to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • to get more out of sex
  • to let the body health itself
  • to relieve tension
  • to sharp the senses
  • to gain control of oneself
  • to slow the aging process.

So, fasting is very useful for healthy. Of course, mean of fasting here is rational fasting. Then followed by eat the healthy food.

Benefits of Fasting | Healthmad

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  1. Fasting is good if done occasionally. Fasting for a month as in Ramadan month is detrimental to health.


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